Trampoline 12Ft with Enclosure Net Ladder Outdoor Fitness

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  • ☀【HIGH ELASTICITY HEAVY JUMPING PAD】Our trampoline is wrapped in 60 high-tension steel springs, providing a very strong elasticity for the exercise trampoline, when children play in our kid trampoline, they can jump higher.trampoline exercise trampoline kid trampoline
  • ☀【SAFETY PROTECTION PORTFOLIO】The safety protection combination is around the trampoline. It is a safety fence made of high strength nylon. The safety fence combines with steel pipe perfectly and connects the fence with spring cover. This also eliminates the gap between the jumping mat and the fence, making the exercise trampoline a whole, to ensure that children can safely and happily play in the kid trampoline.mini trampoline trampoline for kids exercise trampoline
  • ☀【Thickened Ring Protection Pad】:The protective pad made of PVC and PE material fully covers the spring to prevent children from being injured due to direct contact with the spring. The PVC material has a better visual effect and is more convenient to clean.
  • ☀【Stable Structure】:The main structure of the trampoline is composed of 6 W-shaped legs, which greatly increases the stability of the product. Each W-shaped leg is independently combined by three pipes, which greatly improves the safety of the product.
  • ☀【QUALITY ASSURANCE】Our kid trampoline is made up of high quality stainless steel and various accessories. The trampoline has been tested in the factory to ensure its safety. If there is any quality problem in exercise trampoline, please contact us in time.trampoline for kids mini trampoline exercise trampoline