Voile Jacquard Window Curtain Drape 2pcs Set.

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  • 100% Polyester
  • This curtain is of double layer. Front layer is clipped voile / voile jacquard with nice geometrical design. Backing is taffeta fabric in matching solid color. One curtain rod is enough to have nice curtain with both valance & backing now. It also gives flexible way for you to either tie the front curtain or the backing or together to achieve different decoration effect and meet different needs for the light.
  • The curtain is with attached fancy valance, which can add royal accent to your decoration and can beautify your house much better. Curtain with attached fancy valance is difficult and slow for production as only the most skillful labors can manage it.
  • Front clipped voile/ voile jacquard fabric can realize nice decoration effect, while medium weight backing taffeta can well protect your privacy as it cannot be seen through. However, please be kindly noted that it is NOT blackout fabric and some light can still go through it.
  • Front clipped voile is of elaborately designed modern geometrical pattern. It is of recycled swirling, which makes square among the swirl too. Are they swirling in or out ? Where does it start and where does it end ? The pattern does not only look nice, but also can cause some thinking. For the photo to tie backing taffeta, we have put an extra white backing to best show the front clipped voile pattern,
  • This curtain is of popular GREY color. Thanks to its pattern and different fabric of the double layer, it can show multi shade of the color so that it can easily match with most similar colors. The modern geometrical fabric pattern and royal fancy valance design makes it easy to match with most decoration styles too. COFFEE, GREY and TURQUOISE color are also available for this design. Please check the pictures for your reference.